Luxos- Spring Summer 2017

“Cruising Turkish Style”

Tamamen Türk üretimi süper lüks yatları Luxos’un 2017 ilkbahar/yaz sayısında kaleme aldım.

Makaleden Ufak Bir Alıntı:

“Name a few things that are exclusively good in Turkey. The taste of Turkish delights? The smell of Turkish coffee? The gorgeous handcrafted jewelry from Ottoman times? Well, you need to add at least one more alternative to the list. Something that is much less voiced, even though it’s much more out in the open. Something only cruise lovers and blue vacation admirers would know about… Along with its exquisite coastal line, Turkey is also world famous for its luxury yacht craftsmanship.

In fact, when it is thought through, being the descendants of the Ottoman Empire that has concurred the Mediterranean, coming from a culture that has raised Piri Reis (The world-famous Ottoman admiral, geographer and the most accurate cartographer of his time) and living in cities that take their smell of the sea for hundreds of years, one should not be surprised by this outcome. Expertise, quality, passion, heritage… Turkey has all of the above. After all, isn’t this what any kind of luxury is made of?


When it comes to yachts it is certainly not easy to fulfill one’s expectations; yet along a superyacht… It should accompany one’s life-style as well as serving the needs. In fact, choosing a ‘beautiful’ yacht is a very personal matter. Therefore, customization strikes out as one of the most important aspects of luxurious yacht manufacturing; and as one of the many success factors of Turkish yacht brands.

Being ranked among the top 20 names according to The Superyacht Intelligence Annual Report, Bilgin Yachts is surely one of the most important luxury yacht manufacturers in Turkey. The brand works in conjunction with its clients on every stage of the production from design to quality control in order to deliver the optimum result. In fact, knowing that they do the vast majority of their sales to repeat clients is an indicator enough to understand the level of Bilgin’s success. Bilgin Yachts produces customized super luxurious yachts, operating in 4 shipyards with a staff that is exceptionally trained in both classic and contemporary methods of motor yacht construction.



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