İstanbul’daki seçili lüks otellerin odalarına misafir olan Luxos dergisinin bir parçası olmak benim için bir onur! Luxos’un bu kış sezonunu kapsayan yeni sayısında Kapalı Çarşı’da gezilecek bir lüks rotasını kaleme aldım. İznik çinisinden nefes kesen mücevherelere, rengarenk İkat desenli kumaşlardan yaş aldıkça güzelleşen antikalara Kapalı Çarşı hazinelerini bu yazıda anlattım. Makalenin aslı İngilizce. Bu sebeple bu web sitesinde ilk defa İngilizce olarak yazdığım makaleden bir alıntı yapıyorum.

Makaleden Ufak Bir Alıntı:

IMG_0784“Whether you are a first timer or a returning visitor in Istanbul or even an inhabitant of the city, the magical atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar will carry you away every time you set a foot in it. The colorful chaotic ambiance that moves in its own unique rhythm will make you travel in time. Being the world’s first shopping mall, the Grand Bazaar is a rare blend of the Islamic architecture, Ottoman culture and Turkish hospitality.

When it comes to the Grand Bazaar, the first thing that accelerates one’s heart is the marvelous jewelry; and when it comes to jewelers Shalabi is the first name that comes to mind. Pol Shalabi runs this family business of gorgeous jewelry and antiques as the fourth generation. To have a conversation with him is a reason enough to visit the store. Shalabi carries a vast collection of marvelous Ottoman and Art Deco jewelry. Mesmerizing antique porcelain and silver pieces stand tall on the shelves. Some porcelain items hold forms that are designed especially for the Oriental market. Shalabi also offers ornamented trays that portray sights from earlier Istanbul times.

Another jewelry shop that stands out from the crowd is Timuçin. The brand offers high-end jewelry that specializes in emerald and sapphire. Timuçin also carries unique examples of vintage Ottoman and European jewelry from the 19th and 20th century. The shop’s, vintage collection continues with sterling silver objects from the major brands. Hand picked pieces from Cartier, Garrard and Lalaounis are among the mesmerizing inventory. 

When you move to the inner streets of the bazaar, thousands of carpets resting on top of one another greet you. Among the carpet brands, Dhoku strikes out by adding a delightful contemporary touch to the traditional. Established in 2007, Dhoku has emerged as a response to inclining modernization trends in home furnishing. The brand designs modern carpets and kilims while holding tight on to its Turkish roots. The actual texture of Dhoku was created after 2 years of careful work. In all of its products, Dhoku uses pure wool that has been slivered by hand in the Anatolian villages. The carpets are woven at the homes of villagers living on the Aegean mountains. ………….”

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